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Tenpin Bowling Association of Western Australia Inc has  a number of policies by which its executive committee, members and volunteers are governed by. Any policy in grey is currently being reviewed

TBAWA Governance

TBAWA Audit Finance and Risk Management Terms of Reference
TBAWA Board Charter
TBAWA Business Plan
TBAWA Communication and Record Management Policy
TBAWA Constitution 2019
TBAWA Financial Management Policy
TBAWA Strategic Plan
TBAWA Risk Management Policy
TBAWA Risk Management Register




2020 - AGM Report and President Report

2021 - AGM Report and President Report

2022 - AGM and President Report



Member, Athlete and Volunteer Policies

TBAWA Athletes Agreement
TBAWA Alcohol & Other Drugs Policy
Athlete AOD Declaration
TBAWA Concussion Policy
TBAWA Fundraising Policy
TBAW Hall Of Fame Policy
TBA Match Fixing Policy
TBAWA Parent Policy
TBAWA Social Media Policy
Athlete Social Media Declaration
TBAWA State Team Management Policy
TBAWA State and Team Selection Policy
TBAWA Coach Application
TBAWA Manager Application

Member Protection

TBAWA Grievance Policy

TBAWA Grievance and Complaint Form

TBA Member Protection Policy
TBAWA Member Protection Policy

Child Safety


Tenpin Bowling Australia (TBA) has released its Child Safe Sport Framework in conjunction with its eight State Associations, to keep children and young people in our sport safe. With the support from Sport Australia and the Australian Childhood Foundation this framework sets out the three critical policies to keep children and young people in tenpin bowling safe: a Statement of Commitment to keep children safe, a Code of Conduct of expected behaviours for everyone involved in the sport and a Process for Reporting any child safe concerns.After playing a key role in the development of the framework, all of the sports State and Territory Associations have signed off on the framework reflecting a whole of sport approach to keeping children and young people in our sport safe.
TBAWA have accepted and endorsed this framework in July 2019
TBA Child Safe Sport Framework
TBAWA Negative Notice Directive Policy
TBAWA Child Safety Strategy

Duty Statements

The following are duty statements for executive members or volunteer roles within the organization. These are general guidelines to outline the duties or responsibilities of an identified role.
Vice President; Junior & Disabilities
Vice President: Adult & Seniors
Executive Assistant
Coach & Training Coordinator
Governance & Compliance Officer
General Coach 
General Team Manager
Other Duty Statements
The following duty statements are for paid positions within the sport of Tenpin Bowling in Western Australia. All positions will report to the State Board.
Tenpin Performance & Programs Manager
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