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Australia’s largest government funded school-based sports participation program to help children foster a lifelong interest in sport. It brings schools and sports together to help get children active in their local communities.  Sporting Schools is open to all Australian primary schools, offering quality programs in fun and supportive environment for children, teachers and coaches. 

Did you know… Sporting Schools can have Tenpin Bowling Australia’s national ‘learn to bowl’ program ‘Bowl Patrol’ as part of their Sporting Schools experience. 

  • Utilise the carpet lanes, bringing students up to 9 metres closer to the pins in-centre

  • Are delivered by a specifically trained and qualified coach ‘Lane Ranger’

  • Give students a ‘taste’ of the Bowl Patrol curriculum designed with their development stages in mind

  • Can include Patroller Pack and/or wristbands used to acknowledge progress through the program’s levels

If you would like to know more about setting up Tenpin Bowling for your school please contact our development Officer

Mia Buswell

Sport Development Officer – WA (Perth Based)

Tenpin Bowling Australia Limited

Monday – Thursday



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