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The National Learn to Bowl Program for Adults and Teens

BowlAbilities is the only NATIONAL LEARN to BOWL program designed specifically for older teens and adults.

INCLUSIVE RESOURCES and session structure focusing on individual ABILITIES and progress.

Flexible delivery of a 4-8 WEEK program with a qualified Lane Ranger – trained in INCLUSIVE coaching practices.

Fundamental skills of tenpin bowling improve COORDINATION, BALANCE and PHYSICAL ACTIVITY LEVELS.

BowlAbilities is SAFE and FUN - using carpets on the lanes to get the participants closer to the pins, creating more opportunity for success.

A modified 5-frame game and progress awards promotes SKILL development, a sense of ACHIEVEMENT and SELF-CONFIDENCE.

Meeting like-minded people is FUN while also promoting SOCIAL skills, TEAM WORK and CONFIDENCE.

Final sessions offer opportunity to develop LEADERSHIP skills where participants can TEACH A BUDDY what they have learnt.

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Program Features

  • 4-8 WEEK PROGRAM: 60 minute, weekly sessions

  • ON THE MOVE: Maximum of 3 participants per lane and back-of-lane activities so participants are ALWAYS ACTIVE

  • MODIFIED LANE LENGTH: Carpets on the lanes with varied lengths to match ability of each participant

  • SHORTENED GAMES: Modified 5-frame games (half a normal game) to keep participants focused

  •   Avoids using bumpers or ramps to ensure skill development (based on individual ability)

  • 6 LEVELS of ACHIEVEMENT: Awards for progress based on ABILITY

  • MODIFIED SCORING: Simplified scoring designed to be easily understood

  • LANE RANGERS: Program delivered by trained facilitators, who have completed TBA's training and have experience coaching participants with a disability. Lane Rangers are also encouraged to complete the Special Olympics Coaching Courses

  • REWARDING: Recognition of individual achievements and progress

  • SUPPORT: Support resources developed with assistance from Special Olympics Australia and Aspect Australia to assist delivery and communication

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